Catalogue no. Release date Original release Artist Title Type Formats
DPL001 13/07/2009 13/07/2009 Dicepeople Time to Play Studio album CD, digital
SSR002 28/10/2011 28/10/2011 Dicepeople It Gets Darker Studio album CD, digital
SSR003 13/04/2012 13/04/2012 Dicepeople Invaded Remix album Digital
SSR004 23/07/2014 23/07/2014 Dicepeople End of Line Studio album CD, digital
SSR005 06/02/2017 06/02/2017 Dicepeople Synthetic Extended play CD, digital
SSR006 31/07/2017 31/07/2017 Dicepeople Strangelove Single Digital
SSR007 04/05/2018 04/05/2018 Dicepeople vs The Brooklyn Foundation Love Parasite / Control Extended play Digital
SSR008 03/07/2020 03/07/2020 Dicepeople Edge of Delirium Extended play Digital
SSR009 20/10/2020 20/10/2020 European Sons Imagined World Mini album Digital
SSR010 14/07/2023 22/01/2018 Dicepeople x Moi Saint Shallow Under Skin Extended play Digital
SSR011 28/07/2023 13/07/2018 Dicepeople One From Many Studio album CD, Digital
SSR012 28/07/2023 07/12/2018 Dicepeople Somebody to Love Single Digital
SSR013 28/07/2023 17/01/2020 Dicepeople Destroyer Extended play Digital
SSR014 28/07/2023 06/03/2020 Dicepeople Destroyed Remix EP Digital
SSR015 08/09/2023 08/09/2023 Dicepeople Willow's Song Single Digital

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